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Cynicism and Speculation

I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to hell in several religions.

9 March 1989
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  • amelia_17@livejournal.com
I like to read, surf the net, watch obscure and overly popular movies, and listen to country music. I love cowboys, so PBR (professional bull riding) and country music are both good things. I'm a slash fangirl. I read RPS. Walton Goggins is boss. I have a ship for almost every movie, tv show, and book. The slash goggles may be cutting off circulation to my brain, but whatever. I'm constantly finding new ships and fandoms, so this may be outdated soon. I write fic and make picspams, fanmixes, and the occasional fanvid. All are welcome to fangirl with me, but wank shall not be tolerated.

Fandoms I'm currently writing:
Generation Kill, Brad/Nate with background Ray/Walt and speculation on pretty much everyone. Basically, I'll ship it any which way but loose.
Yeah, that's about it right now.

Fandoms I've written in the past, in chronological order:
The Fast and The Furious, Dom/Brian
Deadliest Catch, Edgar/Jake Anderson, Jake Anderson/OFC, Crosby Leveen/OFC (I'm so ashamed)
Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Justified, Raylan/Boyd, Raylan/Tim Gutterson, Boyd/Tim, Tim/OMC, Ava/Raylan drabble, Winona/Raylan drabble
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin
Criminal Minds, I wrote a sentence fic on literally every pairing I could think of. Elle/Derek, Hotch/Rossi. Rossi/various others.
Grey's Anatomy, Mark/Addison, Alex/Meredith, Alex/Izzie, Jackson character study, gen Bailey/Chief, Mark/Derek, Mark character study, Alex character study

Fandoms I lurk in:
Supernatural Sam/Sarah Blake, Sam/The kid from Bugs, Sam/Jo, Sam/Cas, Dean/Castiel, Dean/First!Ruby, Dean/Cassie, Dean/Bela, Dean/Jo, Dean/OMC Sasha from Crimson1's Incubus series, John/Mary John/Bobby, John/Ellen, Cas/Meg
Inception Arthur/Eames, Arthur/Cobb, Cobb/Ariadne, GQMF cast orgy
True Blood Eric/Sookie, Eric/Sam, Sam/Tara, Jessica/Hoyt, Bill needs to GTFO because he's starting to annoy me.
Four Brothers Bobby/Jack